Tinted window film for your office or business is a cost-effective way to protect your merchandise and equipment, while creating a safe and comfortable work environment for your employees through increased privacy and security.

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Effective glare protection and heat reduction

There’s nothing worse than a stuffy workplace, but window tinting can help control the heat and glare that passes straight through clear glass.

No more squinting through dazzling light bouncing off computer screens, affecting vision and productivity. Window film reflects the sun’s harsh rays, reducing the penetration of sharp light sources and reflections, while dispersing the natural light around your business.

Use our range of window tints to block strong rays during summer, minimising air conditioning costs and creating a more energy efficient and comfortable work environment.

Protect yourself, your merchandise and equipment

If allowed to penetrate your business, UV rays will wreak havoc on your gear. Window displays will quickly fade and equipment will weaken.

Window film eliminates up to 99% of UV rays, keeping both you and your products safe, while saving you money.

Maintain privacy without alienating your customers

Glass invites customers into a business, but clear glass can sacrifice you and your staff’s privacy.

With our large range of solar, reflective or frosted films, we can find a solution which keeps your space inviting to clients, but protects your assets inside from prying eyes.

Don’t lose natural light or awesome views in the search for privacy, install our window tints for the best of all worlds!

Do more to secure your business

No need to replace your windows with safety glass – our safety and security films are specifically designed to provide a powerful barrier against broken glass and theft.

These films are an economical alternative to safety glass and come with a building compliance certificate.

And if graffiti and vandalism is a concern, anti-graffiti film protects the glass and other surfaces from etching, scratching or spray attacks and can be easily replaced if damaged, saving businesses thousands of dollars in replacement windows and exteriors if targeted.

Available in clear or tinted variations, with up to 99% UV protection, tinted window film is a great solution for your business.

Create stylish and modern designs to suit

Easily and economically transform the look of your business with frosted and decorative films, customised to your needs.

Use them on shop fronts, entranceways, internal partitions, meeting rooms and offices. Create patterns that allow for both privacy and style.

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